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Platrum is a management automation service that includes more than 10 tools business management

Thousands of businesses become more efficient with Platrum

Solve all automation and management tasks in one service
Close dozens of company management tasks with Platrum: From controlling KPIs to accounting for company assets, from staff training to building P&L reports
Management tools:
  • Company structure
  • KPI and metrics
  • Dashboards
  • Knowledge base
  • Staff training
  • Tasks
  • Financial planning and accounting
  • Online Quality Control
  • Company asset accounting
  • Password storage
Who needs Platrum?
To company owners and proprietors
To get out of the operating room and get into strategy
For managers of departments and divisions
For easy scaling and growth
Top managers
To simplify the control of results
To HR professionals
To implement a system of training and adaptation of employees
Service features
Company structure
Get rid of the mess of processes
Build your company structure in the easy-to-use constructor, write goals and metrics for each position and place employees
KPI and metrics
See results like the palm of your hand
Track each employee's performance on the desktop, and the system will prompt you about problems of direct subordinates
Achieve goals by focusing on tasks
Only do things that will lead you to your goals. Set tasks for employees in easy-to-use collaboration boards, a weekly planning tool, and a calendar
Knowledge base
Keep all knowledge and regulations at your fingertips
Collect company knowledge in a unified database with a convenient document structure and flexible access control. Everyone can find the necessary regulations, instruction or document at any time
Save hundreds of hours on employee training
Delight your employees immediately after training, even without any effort on your part. Automated training courses do it all for you
Find out the real profitability of your business
Use the easiest PnL report builder, quickly learn about income, expenses and cash flow. Control CashFlow and the amount in company accounts at any time
Make more money without overspending
Spend only what you've earned and avoid spending your budget inappropriately. Control future spending with a fixed approval process
Quality Control
Get rid of employee errors
Protect your company from employee mistakes. Automate the checking of the quality of their work by check-lists. Any problem with regulations, overdue tasks or unprocessed requests won't be ignored.
Manage your passwords securely and conveniently
Controlled access to passwords for the services you use and always know who has access to a certain password. Don't worry about leaks - all passwords are encrypted
Insure against loss of property
Always know which employee has any property belonging to the company: laptop, keyboard, computer monitor, etc. Perform inversion and get automatic calculation of depreciation
We implement and modify the product for you
Our certified partners are always ready to help with the implementation or customization of the solution to your needs
I am dealing with the Platrum platform, created the structure of the company and really got a kick out of how many responsibilities I have. I highlighted the key indicators that need to be monitored.
Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Founder of the avito-agency «Lavista»
The product was a godsend for me! It's not hard to figure it out. We started with the knowledge base, now we are connecting all the other functions to work. Financials have been downloaded for several years and have broken down all payments income and expenses (didn't take more than 1 day in total). It is just a fairy tale! Everything is in the palm of my hand, we can analyze everything in depth and quality. Set up approval of all payments. Highly recommend and advise!
Andrey Kupchin
Director of 'Intelligent Energy Monitoring' LLC
We've only been using Platrum for a couple of months, but we're already thrilled with the way your team went about the product. Especially on the knowledge base block and the academy. In the near future we plan to introduce the Metrics tool.
Garifullin Azat
Founder of video production company Zilant Pro
Platrum's purpose and history
Platrum's purpose is to rid the world's businesses of clutter
German Gavrilov, founder of Platrum:
My name is German Gavrilov and I am one of the co-founders of Platrum.
I want to share with you why we're doing Platrum and its history.
Learn how Platrum's mission came to be >
My goal in life is to rid the business world of mess. Every day we encounter the results of hundreds of businesses, and our day depends on how they work. And I hate to deal with poor service, failure to meet deadlines, broken promises, and I think you do too. I understand that most of the problems in business are related to the management model and processes within the company. Somewhere they didn't control the knowledge of an employee and now you don't have a complete order, somewhere there is no quality control and therefore you don't get a call back on your request, and somewhere employees don't know who to contact and so you are faced with complete chaos and sitting in a queue. And these problems are not as hard to solve as they seem, and I want to help you deal with them.
When people from other companies saw this tool - they asked to be able to use it. And soon we made the tool public and started to develop it, because it really solved problems not only for our business, but for other businesses as well.
In addition to Platrum, I am also the founder of the end-to-end analytics service The company was founded in 2014 and now has several hundred employees. And every day we do everything we can to provide the highest quality services, so that customers have no reason to get frustrated. To do that, we regularly improve our management skills. And since we're fans of automation, we're constantly introducing various services to help. We've tried dozens of task managers, various systems for storing routines, files, passwords, etc. And on the one hand they solved some problems, but on the other they created new ones. You had to give out accounts when you hired new employees, and take them back when you fired them. To control that when a person changes positions, he or she has only the necessary services and exactly the rights he or she is supposed to have. And for some management tasks, there was no right solution at all.
In 2018, I took a deep dive into studying the structure of the company, and of course it needed to be fixed somewhere. To begin with, I used excel, then a service for drawing diagrams and was constantly tormented by the lack of features. So over time we made a company structure builder, which solved a very important problem for us. This tool instantly caught on in Roistat: all employees always had access to actual information, and they understood who was responsible for what. What kind of employees there are in the company and who you can turn to for help. We described the product for each function performed, and it became clearer to people what the company expects from them. This, in turn, led to the growth of indicators and improved results. A little bit later we expanded this tool with metrics. They work very well together with the company structure, when each position can be assigned key metrics.
Since Roistat is actively growing, we are constantly faced with training employees, creating manuals, and storing a knowledge base. We have tried many services and were constantly faced with the problem of delimiting access, relevance and duplication of documents and creating further training on them. To solve these problems, we made a knowledge base module that is tied to the company structure. One of the main features of our knowledge base is deep integration with the training module. Now you don't need to create training materials separately, you can add questions to each document. After all, you write a document for someone to read it, which means that afterwards he must confirm the knowledge gained by passing the tests. At the same time, we made a lot of interesting mechanisms for regular knowledge checks and informing everyone interested in changing the document. And of course reports on who and what documents are read.
In order for a company to exist for a long time, it is very important to control the cash flow. But often financial management is disconnected from management. The accountant and financial director, at best, keep everything in 1C, which is most often not convenient for top management; and at worst, everything is kept in excel files, and to build basic reports, people sit for months looking for errors. For that, in Roistat, in our internal ERP, we had a finance module which helped to solve these problems, but we started to go international and we had transactions in euros and dollars. Our internal system didn't support multicurrency and instead of fixing this mistake just for ourselves, we decided to open this module for everybody at once and made multicurrency finance in Platrum. It's very easy to use, yet it covers the financial accounting needs even for companies with billions of dollars in revenues. I don't know a tool where you can build a PnL and Cashflow report that's as easy to use as it is for a financier. And when the information is easy to use - management decisions are made quickly and on time.
There is a similar problem with accounting for company assets. There are either very complicated, cumbersome systems or simple services, but in which it is impossible, for example, to account for depreciation. And this is very important to understand what is going on - how much property the company has now and who is responsible for it. In Platrum, of course, we have done that. All assets can be assigned to an employee. He can check what's assigned to him at any time, and the system doesn't allow him to “fire” until the equipment is transferred to someone else. So simple, but for some reason this is not available in other services.
And where are your company passwords stored? Most often in google excel, and of course you have no control over who these files are available to. And you are unlikely to remember to change passwords after you say goodbye to anyone who had access to the file. And because of this, many lose customer bases, access to websites, and some lose business. Our password tool helps get rid of these problems by reminding you when the password needs to be changed and who had access to it.
And I could go on and on, as I am first and foremost a manager in my company, and I have encountered a huge number of problems. I have paid a huge price for this experience. I want your business to not be a mess, I don't want you and your employees to suffer. That's why we make a tool which will help you run your company and save a lot of nerves. We're working on it every day and we have a lot of plans. We want to make Platrum a tool that will take away most of the manager's routine, so you have time for creativity and really useful things.
I wholeheartedly encourage you to get to grips with Platrum and implement it in your company.
Let's get rid of the mess!
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